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Pre-Plan Your Year 2022

Workshop Training:
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We talk A LOT about daily planning and the power of mastering your schedule on a micro level. Many of you in the Master Your Schedule Program (My Success Schedule) have asked to see how I plan my typical days. Here is a quick tutorial showing you exactly how I do it.

We met with Certified Nutrition Coach and single mom of two, Debra Iverson to identify where she could “find more time” to work on her business while juggling her own education path and homeschooling during Covid.

We meet with Nutrition Wellness Coach, Chelsea Cooper of Train with Chelsea to figure out how to increase sales and create a structure for her business. you be on Clubhouse?
Will it help your business?
Let’s find out.

Our split focus leads to a job half done. Distraction increases the flow of stress hormones and adrenaline, which can lead to anxiety and other health issues. This type of stressed out multi-tasking will actually REDUCE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY by up to 40%, that’s losing almost half of your productivity by trying to do more.

Our best life doesn’t “happen” to us. We are the architects. We need to design it. We need to create it. This applies ESPECIALLY to our schedule. Each minute is precious and it does not come back. Your time gets to be meaningful. You are allowed to live fully while progressing forward in your business. We can have Success AND Sanity. We can even have JOY while we achieve.

No checking your inbox No scrolling social media channels! Give yourself the time to be present, enjoy that coffee a little more and begin YOUR DAY on YOUR TERMS with this simple practice.

Visualization is a science-backed proven method for improving skills and reaching goals. Download the Visualization Worksheet HERE

We are going to explore how a little vision and some neuroscience can take you A LONG way. Do you know that 92% of people do not hit their goals? That’s because goal setting is just the start. It’s surface level. It gives you direction but not the map. If you don’t know HOW you’re going to navigate, twist, turn and pivot your way there, then chances are slim that you’ll make it.

No one teaches us how to set goals, let alone how to actually achieve them. No amount of theory or inspirational quotes will push you through when the going gets touch. Instead, we researched 13 science and psychology backed steps to make your goals stick once and for all.

Each day for at least 1 minute, we will bring meditation into our daily habit and see how it affects our goals and results.